Why this app?

Some people like to play games on a tablet, but are unable to do so because

  1. the screen is so overloaded that they get lost, or
  2. items on the screen move too fast, or
  3. the player must react within a too short time, or
  4. the games require gestures (like double-tap and zoom), that are too difficult for the player, or
  5. ....(many other reasons).

ComfyGames app

This app contains games and puzzles that are "comfortable", which means that they are optimised for ease of use.
This makes the games also playable (on an Android tablet) for people with disabilities, like people who had a stroke.
But the games are not exclusively for people with disabilities.
Most of the games are fun for players from 9 to 99 years old. And version 2.0 of the app runs also on a lot of Android phones.